Order Your Personal Bank Checks Online and Save

Thank you for stopping by to visit BankChecks.org . Our aim is to provide you with the best tools and resources to order personal bank checks online.  Here you will find the best bank check printers online, as well as the best prices for personal checks that you can find anywhere on the web. We also have alailabe the the most bank check designs you could ever dream of. And if you don’t find the bank check designs you were hoping to find, then we will show you how to customize your own bank checks to make photo checks or your own artistic checks designs.

We will teach you all easy ways to go about the process of ordering and ordering and Reordering personal bank checks. whether it’s for personal or for business, it will be an easy task that you can handle on your own from now on.

An old fashioned way of ordering bank checks is from your bank or credit union institution. This was always the most well known form of how to order bank checks. Nowadays most people do not order through their banks. One reason, is that it is rather impossible to order cheap checks through a bank. Most will have a fixed price whenever someone orders personal checks or business checks. The rates for  reordering checks are much more expensive than compared to other check ordering options. Also keep in mind that the check designs and styles are usually small and limited. Customers can only choose bland check styles, thus making reordering checks more of a laborious task versus a fun experience.

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Order Bank Checks Online: Common Steps And Instructions

There is no doubt that online ordering is the easiest and most convenient way for majority of check holders to order bank checks. When your order bank checks online, all you have to do is turn on your computer, connect to the Internet, and follow the usual steps for online ordering. Compare this when you order bank checks by phone, thru mail, or in person where you can encounter different hassles which can then lead to delays in your checks being processed.

For those who are new to online ordering, below are some of the common steps and instructions you can expect to follow when you decide to order bank checks online.

Browsing and Choosing Check Products

1. Go to the check manufacturer’s website and look for the page containing the main check product listings. Typically, when you order bank checks   online, you simply click on a category found on the top portion of the page.

2. Choose the subcategory that catches your eye.

3. Choose from among various pre-made designs.

4. Once you are redirected to the product webpage, select all the items you want to purchase. In this page, you should also indicate the check  style and the quantity. The quantity can be edited later on while in the checkout process should you change your mind. 

5. Select the button for ‘Add to Shopping Cart’ or something similar, to put items in your shopping cart and go on to the webpage for your actual online shopping cart.

The Shopping Cart

1. Check all the items you included in your cart. This is where you can update or remove items accordingly.

2. It is up to you if you wish to continue adding items or proceed to the checkout page by selecting the proper button.

The Order Checkout Procedure

1. If you chose to proceed to checkout and chose a customized item such as your check design, stamps, business cards, or labels for example, you’ll be redirected to the first step of the checkout procedure where you can customize your check order.

2. Choose the options you want for your customized items. These options can include among other things monograms, cuts, check formats, and fonts.

3. Click on the ‘Continue’, ‘Submit’, or a similar button to proceed.

4. Based on you existing checks, begin by supplying your bank and personal information that should be included in your check orders. For accurate account and routing numbers, make sure to check with your bank. In addition, make absolutely sure that you only enter accurate information since any errors can result to the delay of your checks being processed and delivered to you.

5. Select the button for ‘Preview’ or something similar so you can see a preview of your check order along with all your customization options. Usually, you can view this via a popup window that you can easily close when you’re done checking your order.

6. Choose the ‘Continue’ button or something similar. In the event that you want to add more customization options to your items, you can continue choosing them, if not; you’ll be redirected to a page where you can once again review your order.

7. In this review page, you will once again see a preview of your order along with all your customization options, as well as the prices.

8. You can once again preview your customized check orders by choosing the ‘Preview’ button if you wish.

9. Likewise, you can edit your orders if you see some inaccuracies with your customization, bank and personal information, or other options.

10. You can also easily remove items as you see fit.

11. In the event that you have a valid promotional code or offer, you can use it while on this page to update the prices of your order.

12. You will then be redirected to the page for delivery and billing.

13. For check orders, your information on billing and delivery will normally be based on your check customization options. When you order bank checks online, most check manufacturer websites require that the addresses you used for delivery and billing be the exact same addresses you used for placing your order. On some instances, these can however be edited and different from your customization information since all addresses will be verified accordingly to protect you from check fraud.

14. Fill in all the required address fields for delivery, along with your email address that will be used for sending your order confirmation and delivery messages.

15. Select the most appropriate delivery method.

16. Fill in all required address fields for billing. In most cases, you will also have to include a contact number.

17. Choose the button for ‘Continue’ to be redirected to the final order review process and payment procedure.

18. The final page of your online check ordering process is where you review your check order for the final time. You will again see a popup window containing your order where you can see you finalized check design.

19. Here, you can also edit the quantity of your orders if you wish.

20. You can likewise edit delivery and shipping information.

21. When ordering checks via online check manufacturers or online check printers, you are afforded several payment options such as via credit card or PayPal. 

22. Once you are satisfied with your check order, you can click on the ‘Complete Order’ button or something similar to place your online check order. 

When you have finished submitting your final check order, you will be sent an email message that will typically include a confirmation message and an order number. This order number is important since you can use it to check your order status via the check manufacturer’s website. When you order bank checks online, you can expect to receive your checks in three days, five days, a week or more, depending on the delivery option you chose. Ordering Personal Bank checks online is the best and most affordable way to go.