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5 Common Categories For Check Designs

The check designs for credit unions and financial institutions across the United States can literally run into the thousands. This means that checking account holders may find it a bit challenging to look for the appropriate design that they want to represent their unique personality and individuality. The same can be said about business checking account holders who want to make use of their bank checks as a means to promote their products or services to other people.

One of the easiest ways to make sure that the appropriate designs will be chosen by checking account holders is to familiarize themselves with the most common categories. This will make it easier to find the appropriate designs they want to use on their bank checks instead of going through the thousands of designs that are available on the Internet from various check printing services online. To help checking account holders make an educated decision, some of the more common categories used for check designs can include:

1. Traditional bank checks

This category of bank checks is ideal for checking account holders who prefer the timeless tradition combined with classic elegance in their check designs. It is important to note that not all checking account holders are after loud colors, graphic images, or personalized images. There are those who are more reserved in their preferences, but are not satisfied with the bland and boring designs provided by conventional financial institutions.

The good thing about this category is that there are numerous styles of accessories that can adequately complement it. This means that checking account holders will have more options for checkbook covers, address labels, and deposit slips among others. Because of the elegance that it presents, it is not surprising that this type of category presents enormous appeal even for younger checking account holders.

More conservative checking account holders who do not want to divert too far from the designs of conventional financial institutions should look closely to the designs under this category. It is important to note that although the category is traditional, it is not lacking in security features and safety measures meant to protect the finances of checking account holders.

2. Collector’s Edition bank checks

Just as its name suggests, this category of bank checks normally comes once in a lifetime and will be printed in limited number only. Usually the check designs are about famous artists or favorites of the family like food, clothing, and other similar themes. One thing that checking account holders can be sure of is that there will always be a design that will cater to their individual preferences.

Some checking account holders may opt to choose this specific category, but can consider them more for their collection instead of issuing them as a form of payment. It is not impossible that many bank checks that fall under this category can have an increased value after a substantial amount of time. This is consistent with other similar types of collector’s items that are sold or traded in the market by other collectors. Designs under this category also have security measures that will protect the bank checks from fraud.

3. Bank Checks with patterns

Considered as very stylish but considerably simple, it is commonly characterized by the bright and colorful designs that incorporate various fun elements that can be appropriate for any style. The appealing patterns can be unique to the personality of the checking account holder looking for more expressive bank checks. This type of category only proves that expressing individuality and personality does not necessarily require the use of pictures or similar images.

Checking account holders who choose bank checks under this category can also order matching checkbook covers, contact cards, and address labels among others for further personalization. These accessories are made of equally high quality that checking account holders can display and use them proudly while making out their bank checks. It is also entirely possible that the designs under this category can be used as the background for further personalization attempts.

4. Personal Bank checks

Checking account holders who are looking for the optimum combination of value and variety should choose this category of bank checks. This category of check designs is made up of online catalogs that are applicable in various formats like top stub and wallet among others. These designs are applicable mostly for personal checking accounts instead of business checking accounts.

The designs of these bank checks can also have matching accessories that are not only of equal quality as the bank checks, but are also being offered at a relatively low cost. The accessories take into account the various formats of the designs being used in the bank checks. Some of the designs for the bank checks can be based on images or photographs submitted by checking account holders that are incorporated into existing designs of online check printing services.

Although the designs are more personal in nature, they are not lacking in the necessary security features required by conventional financial institutions.

5. Special Interest bank checks

If you are the type of checking account holder that is looking for fun elements, bright designs, and relevant images for your bank checks, this may be the category to peruse. Intended for checking account holders who have keen interest in popular activities or worthy causes among others, it normally features images that can be easily identified by other individuals like flags, logos, or caricatures of various causes.

Much like any type of bank checks that are ordered online, this category incorporates a number of high-tech security features into the printing of the bank checks. These are intended to ensure that fraud will not only be prevented, but also easily detected even without the use of specialized equipment. Checking account holders can also be assured that despite the level of customization and personalization that goes into the bank checks under this category, they remain acceptable to all conventional financial institutions.

There are definitely more categories being offered by various online check printing services. However, these categories cover majority of check designs available in the market, which means checking account holders will be able to find the right one for them.